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A Portrait in song



Virginia Woolf is considered one of the great writers of the twentieth century.


A central member of The Bloomsbury Group and, with her husband Leonard, the founder of The Hogarth Press publishing house, her first novel, The Voyage Out, was published in 1915. During the 1920s she established her reputation with four remarkable novels - Mrs. Dalloway, To The Lighthouse, A Room Of One’s Own and The Waves. Virginia Woolf found a way of conveying her characters’ emotions, and her own, in a completely innovative way - not just to the readers of her novels and letters, but also through her diaries, which she started to keep when she was just thirteen.  She was particularly interested in women’s experiences and wrote essays and articles expressing new ideas on the roles of women.


Although her personal life was troubled by a recurring and increasing despondency, it was also characterised by its zest. In between periods of mental instability, laughter was never far away.  Friends and relatives testify to her joy of life, and to her unique, and sometimes wicked, sense of humour.


At certain moments in her life, Virginia described her happiness in letters and diary entries.


Too long perceived as a tragic heroine, Woolf - a portrait in song redresses the balance and is a celebration of the life of this remarkable woman - a celebration in music and words.


We are looking for producer and venues to showcase the music and stage performance.​

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This album contains 18 contemporary songs inspired by the life and times of Virginia Woolf and the circle of artists, writers, and friends known as The Bloomsbury Group.


All songs are written by Chappelle, Smith, and Taylor.

The album is ready for download, Stream on Spotify and iTunes.


You can also order The CD included a 20 pages booklet containing narrative, lyrics, photographs, and illustrations.


An Evening

In songs


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